Golden Goose Method – My Review & Testing Results!

Hey, welcome to my review of the Golden Goose Method!

The Golden Goose Method is a brand new binary options trading app that I have been testing for the past 2 weeks and now I’m sharing my results with the world.

First things first I made my deposit with the broker Golden Goose Method recommends. It is important you do this because otherwise you won’t be able to use the software.

You can also get a 100% matching deposit bonus too :)

Week 1 Results

My first day of using the app was interesting. After making 10 trades over the space of 2 hours I was able to win 7. This allowed me to make a profit of around $300 for 2-hours of my time.

On my 2nd day of trading I lost my first 3 trades which made me a little worried, however I then went on to win 8 trades in a row which was really cool allowing me to profit well over $300 for the day.

Also being able to win 8 trades in a row really gave me confidence in the Golden Goose Method app.

I traded for 2 more days of the week and was profitable again.

Total net profit for week 1 = $850 :)

Week 2 Results

I was only able to trade for 3 days in week 2 however since I made $850 profit in my first week I decided to double up the amount of money I was placing on each trade to potentially double my profit.

Day 1 of week 2 I was able to make $600, day 2 I made $300 and day 3 I made $900.

Total net profit for week 2 = $1,800 :)

Conclusion For Golden Goose Method

While I didn’t make the huge amount of money that creator of Golden Goose Method claims they make I was able to make a considerable amount of money starting from scratch.

The amount of money you make will depend entirely on how much money you can afford to deposit, but even with a small deposit you can still make a nice amount of money as I proved by making $2,650 in just 2 weeks :)

>> Click here to get access to Golden Goose Method!

12 thoughts on “Golden Goose Method – My Review & Testing Results!”

  1. Hi Amber,
    I am the same as you I have tried a few of these binary things and this time am doing my homework on Golden Goose so far it looks like your is the best review I have came across, tell me do you run it on auto pilot?

    1. Hi Megan, I like to watch my trades for peace of mind :) If you sign up through the link on my page you should get a matching deposit bonus. Hope that helps, Amber.

  2. Hi Amber,
    Yours is the first review that is in clear English without grammatical errors. So how is the Golden Goose working for you now? Does this work 24/7 or just during certain business hours?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Amanda, thank you. This does work 24/7 however you will generally get better results during normal USA trading hours as there is more volume, so there tends to be more currency pairs and stock pairs available to trade. Hope that helps you, if you sign up through the link in my review you will receive a 100% matching deposit :) Amber

    1. Hi Danny, did you go through my link in my review? Have you made a deposit yet? If not, be sure to go through the link in my review above and that way you will get a matching deposit bonus when you make a deposit :) Amber x

  3. Did you start with the 250.00, how much was your trade amount, and did you stay there and watch your computer, or did you leave and come back 2hrs later?

    1. Hey Floyd, I started with 250 yes + the matching deposit bonus. I watched my trades as they were only on short timescales, maximum was 15 minutes per trade. I recommend you click on the link in my post and that way you will definitely get a matching deposit bonus :) Hope this helps, Amber.

  4. Obviously my first question is this a scam – norm what sounds too good to be true IS too good to be true ?

    I have no idead about stocks, shares and how to trade, is it fact all i have to do is deposit £250 and just sit back and have no input at all ?

    1. Hi George, you don’t need any experience with stocks/shares or trading to make money with this. I recommend you click on the link in the above review I have put together to visit the Golden Goose Method website, then yes deposit 250, and then you can start using the software app. It is very straightforward and easy, anyone regardless of experience can do it.

      Hope this helps, Amber.

  5. I have gone through your link and am trying to make a deposit of 250 but it tells me it has to be at least 500. Everything I’ve read or watched says the minimum is 250.

    1. Hi Joey, looks like they recently changed it (I just spoke with the broker to confirm), they said you can start with $500 (and always withdraw some if that’s too much), hope that helps :-) Amber x

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